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Can anyone tell me about the state of the Colorado black market for weed? Does it still exist, now that there is retail weed? I imagine it operating thin margins, trying to undercut the retail weed on price, avoiding the overhead of a retail grow operation… Wonder if the cartels are concerned at all?

Too early for a Christmas list?

Too early for a Christmas list?

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The Fairly Comprehensive UfYH Master Post of Helpful Links and Pages



Welcome Packet

UfYH Fundamentals

Basic Cleaning Checklists

Emergency Cleaning

The Depression/Messy House Cycle

The UfYH Guide to Moving

How to fold a T-shirt “vertically”

"How do I keep the place clean when no one will help me?"

Other UfYH stuff:

Bonus: The UfYH/Welcome to Night Vale thank you message

Reblogging as a reminder to unfuck as much of my habitat as possible in 2014.

Grand Canyon cloud inversion. November 29, 2013.

@bubbaprog with the gif of the day. 

@bubbaprog with the gif of the day.