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No words. 

So here’s basically how I spent the last 90 minutes.

Deep Thought

Can anyone tell me about the state of the Colorado black market for weed? Does it still exist, now that there is retail weed? I imagine it operating thin margins, trying to undercut the retail weed on price, avoiding the overhead of a retail grow operation… Wonder if the cartels are concerned at all?

Too early for a Christmas list?

Too early for a Christmas list?

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The Fairly Comprehensive UfYH Master Post of Helpful Links and Pages



Welcome Packet

UfYH Fundamentals

Basic Cleaning Checklists

Emergency Cleaning

The Depression/Messy House Cycle

The UfYH Guide to Moving

How to fold a T-shirt “vertically”

"How do I keep the place clean when no one will help me?"

Other UfYH stuff:

Bonus: The UfYH/Welcome to Night Vale thank you message

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